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The most talked-about brand of wrapping film. Omega-Skinz does everything differently. We start where all other brands stop.
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Justin Pate about Omega-Skinz

World Gallery

Omega-Skinz has become an indispensable part of the world of wrapping.

Everywhere in the world, in any country, one will discover the special colours of Omega-Skinz. This cast film is manufactured in Belgium and is 100% a European product.  

Omega-Skinz Trainingen

Carwrap Training

OMEGA-SKINZ launches three unique job training courses

These days, there are many wrapping courses on offer. But there is a great demand for a real professional wrapping training course, where the trainee learns all the tricks of the trade.


Brand NEW
Dionero Carbon

It was time for yet another carbon fibre film. The difference from the previous versions is the colour and the pattern. Dionero is darker and the pattern is larger. Where the Elemento series matched perfectly with the real carbon of BMW and Ferrari, among others, Dionero matches the carbon of supercars. Bigger, coarser and perfect for large surfaces. 

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Omega Skinz Colours

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