Colour Chart

The colours that make your skin.

Colour Charts

Printed Colour Shart

For your first impression and to find out which colours are included in the Omega-Skinz film range, a high-quality printed colour chart is available. All the information that you need can be found in this chart. This guide can also be downloaded digitally.   Download colour chart (PDF)

Colour Chart
printables colour chart

The Omega-Skinz Printables color chart displays the three deformable printable films by Omega-Skinz, along with the four available laminates.

OS-500 White Wonder   |   OS-501 Pearl of Wisdom    |   OS-502 Silver Spirit

OS-510 Razor Blade   |   OS-511 Silky Satisfaction   |   OS-512 Clearcoat   |   OS-513 Polished Pleasure
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Hi-Tech series colour chart

The Omega-Skinz Hi-Tech Color Chart showcases a selection of highly exclusive wrapping films. These films feature special effects such as carbon or brushed steel.

The following films are featured in this color chart:
Textured Carbon Films:
OS-828 Carbon Black   |   OS-820 Carbon Grey   |   OS-812 Carbon SIlver

Smooth Carbon Films:
OS-1917 Elemento-6 Gloss   |   OS-1917S Elemento-6 Stealth   |   OS-1978 Dionero Carbon Gloss
OS-1966 Forged Carbon Gloss   |   OS-1966S Forged Carbon Matte

Omega Metal Series:
OS-1939 Black Metal Gloss   |   OS-1939S Black metal Matte

Hi-Tech Series
dionero series

The Omega-Skinz Dionero Carbon Sample Flyer provides a perfect impression of this luxurious wrap film.
It is a 3D deformable cast carbon film.

Dionero Carbon
Dionero Carbon
Dionero Carbon