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Omega-Skinz CAP
We believe image and appearance are important. The Omega-Skinz cap certainly helps with that. The logo is 3D embroidered on the front.

Omega-Skinz T-shirt
We believe image and appearance are important. Our T-shirts have a excellent cut and are beautifully finished. Available in various sizes.

Omega-Skinz 3D domes
3D domes. Per set of 2. These can be fitted to the vehicle if desired. Height 35 mm.

Omega-Skinz mirror hanger
Mirror hanger in full colour on 350gr paper, which is explained in three languages (Dutch, German, English) how the end customer can best maintain the film. An ideal service tool.  

Omega-Skinz show cars
These hard plastic car models are intended to be wrapped with our films, so that they can be placed in your showroom.

Omega-Skinz display
A large Omega-Skinz display is available especially for showrooms and workshops, onto which all colour samples can be placed.

Omega-Skinz wallpapers and banners
Special wallpapers and banners in large format are available for marketing.